Tuition and Fees

In compliance with Texas Education Code, Section 61.0777, the UTHSC-Houston Registrar's office provides current School of Health Professions Tuition and Student Fee schedule at the Office of the Registrar Tuition page. Additional information regarding reasonable cost of living expenses for the period of enrollment is available on the UTHSC-H Registar's Cost of Attendance page and will be periodically updated. Note that SHP students are not under any obligation to purchase a text-books from a university-affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an on-line retailer.

A student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees, including any late fees assessed, to the University when the payments are due is subject to one or more of the following actions at the University's option:

  • Bar against readmission to the institution.
  • Withholding of grades, degree and official transcript.
  • All penalties and actions authorized by law.

Student Financial Responsibility

Students are responsible for fulfilling all financial obligations to MD Anderson Cancer Center. Students who do not meet their financial responsibilities are subject to withdrawal from school, the withholding of grades, degrees,and official transcripts. Defaulting students are barred against readmission to the institution, and will be subject to all penalties and actions authorized by law.


Tuition for Texas residents is governed by the Texas Education Code. Tuition fees are subject to change by legislative or regental action and become effective when enacted. Fee increases are determined by the institution and not mandated by the legislature. For more detailed information about fees and application time tables, contact the UT Health Science Center - Houston Office of the Registrar.

Tuition and Fees Exceptions

Students under 21 years of age who are children of firefighters or peace officers who died or were disabled in the line of duty are exempt from tuition. Individuals are not considered disabled unless they furnish proof of disability.

Texas law provides exemptions from tuition and fees for various categories of students, including but not limited to: Students who are dependent children of any person who is a domiciliary of Texas on active duty as a member of the United States Armed Forces and who, at the time of registration, is classified by the Department of Defense as a prisoner of war or missing in action. For more information, about these and additional exemptions, visit the College for All Texans website College for All Texans and/or contact the Registrar's Office.

Resident tuition and fee rates are available to certain veterans and service members, their spouses and children, if the veteran or service member is eligible for benefits. For more information email the Registrar's Office and see Texas Education Code, Section 54.241 (formerly 54.058).

Withdrawal and Refund

A student who wishes to withdraw from MDAnderson after completing registration for a semester must secure the dean's approval. The dean's approval to withdraw must be submitted to the registrar, where the student may request a refund of fees in accordance with MD Anderson policy. No fees will be repaid to anyone other then the payer, except on the payer's written order.

Students who withdraw from a program will be refunded a percentage of tuition and mandatory fees according to the current Fall/Spring and Summer schedules found on the Office of the Registrar's Tuition and Fees page.

After the completion of the 8th week of classes, no student will be allowed to withdraw from a course; therefore the grade earned will become part of the official transcript. Students withdrawing from classes after the official census date and prior to the deadline will receive a grade of either W or WF. Refunds will be processed following withdrawal, and any refund will be mailed to the student. Tuition and fees paid by sponsors, donors or scholarships will be refunded to the source.

Medical Withdrawal

A medically ill student whose illness precludes class attendance may withdraw from MD Anderson effective the date and under the conditions specified at the time of the withdrawal. A student who requests medical withdrawal must submit adequate written documentation from the treating physician to the registrar to withdraw the student under specified conditions.

Military withdrawal

Any student withdrawing from the school to perform active military services as a member of the US armed forces or Texas National Guard must provide reasonable proof of the fact and duration of their active military service.