Transcripts and Diplomas


With proper identification, a student may receive an official transcript in person, on-line via myUTH, or by mail. The transcript includes only the academic record accumulated at MD Anderson. Unofficial copies of transcripts from other institutions are furnished by the registrar in accordance with the Texas Open Records Act (a fee may be charged).

A transcript is a comprehensive record of an individual's academic progress; it contains all the significant facts about a student's admission, academic level and scholarship. No partial or incomplete record (e.g., with grades of F omitted) will be issued. A student who owes a debt to MD Anderson may not be able to obtain an official transcript until the debt is paid.

Texas law provides criminal penalties for forgery of a transcript or similar document.


A graduate of MD Anderson may purchase a diploma to replace one that has been lost or destroyed. If purchased more than one year after the original diploma was issued, the replacement will bear the reissue date below the date the degree was awarded. The signatures of MD Anderson and The University of Texas System officials may not be the same as those on the original diploma because the signatures of former officials are not maintained on file. Additional copies of an original diploma also may be purchased at the time of issue. The student will be required to pay a fee for the additional copy.

A student who requests a new diploma based on a change of name must pay the fee unless the name change was submitted by the deadline set by the registrar or a postponement of the deadline was granted.