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Admission - Admissions; Texas Core Curriculum Requirements; General Requirements; Nonacademic Requirements; Advanced Placement; Petition for Equivalency Credit (PEC); Transferability of Credit; International Students; Transfer Students; Orientation

Registration - Residency; Academic Fresh Start

Tuition and Fees - Installment Plan; Student Financial Responsibility; Tuition; Fees; Tuition and Fees Exceptions; Withdrawal & Refund

Scholarships - Eligibility; Selection Criteria

Financial Aid - Eligibility; To Request an Application or Information Packet; Financial Aid and Academic Performance

Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Advising
Class Attendance
Curriculum Changes
Grievance Procedure
Personal Record Information
Summons and Official Communications
Transcripts and Diplomas
Withdrawal & Refund

General Policies & Procedures

Alcoholic Beverages
Appearance and Demeanor
Conduct and Discipline
Conflict of Interest
Criminal Background Check
Disabilities, Students with
Equal Educational Opportunity, Statement of
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (#ACA1222) (pdf)
Health Information for Students
Health Insurance for Students
Intellectual Property
Religious Holy Days, Observance of
Sexual Harassment
Student Congress
Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act
Student Right to be Informed about Information Collected
Student Travel (#ACA0019) (pdf)
Substance Abuse