Policies and Procedures

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Admission - Admissions; Texas Core Curriculum Requirements; General Requirements; Nonacademic Requirements; Advanced Placement; Petition for Equivalency Credit (PEC); Transferability of Credit; International Students; Transfer Students; Orientation

Registration - Residency; Academic Fresh Start

Tuition and Fees - Installment Plan; Student Financial Responsibility; Tuition; Fees; Tuition and Fees Exceptions; Withdrawal & Refund

Scholarships - Eligibility; Selection Criteria

Financial Aid - Eligibility; To Request an Application or Information Packet; Financial Aid and Academic Performance

Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Advising
Class Attendance
Curriculum Changes
Grievance Procedure
Personal Record Information
Summons and Official Communications
Transcripts and Diplomas
Withdrawal & Refund

General Policies & Procedures

Alcoholic Beverages
Appearance and Demeanor
Conduct and Discipline
Conflict of Interest
Criminal Background Check
Disabilities, Students with
Equal Educational Opportunity, Statement of
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
Health Information for Students
Health Insurance for Students
Intellectual Property
Religious Holy Days, Observance of
Sexual Harassment
Student Congress
Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act
Student Right to be Informed about Information Collected
Student Travel
Substance Abuse