The following instructions govern the conduct of final examinations as well as other examinations given during the semester:

  1. Instructors are responsible for advising students of the rules governing examinations and for supervising examinations in their respective classes. They, or their representatives, must remain in the examination room and take necessary actions to ensure an orderly examination and minimize the temptations and opportunities for cheating.

  2. Students must be informed that all written work handed in by them is considered to be their own work, prepared without unauthorized assistance.

  3. Students should be asked to cooperate in maintaining the integrity of examinations and encouraged to inform the instructor, without specifying the offenders, when cheating goes on in class.

  4. Rules for test-taking:
    • Remain in the examination room until the test is completed.
    • Refrain from talking.
    • All notes, books, and electronic devices must not be accessible during the examination unless specifically approved by the instructor for that particular exam.

  5. An instructor who suspects academic dishonesty must report the incident to the Dean.

For more information please see the Provisions: Conduct section of the Conduct and Discipline policy.