Criminal Background Check

Policy Overview

Criminal background checks were instituted by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions to meet clinical agency compliance with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards pertaining to human resource management.

JCAHO requires verification of competency of all individuals who have direct contact with patients or employees. This includes students doing clinical rotations in the facility and/or off-site facilities. Competency extends beyond technical skills to an individual's criminal history.

A student is defined as a person who:

  1. Is enrolled at MD Anderson Cancer Center, or
  2. Is accepted for admission or readmission at MD Anderson Cancer Center


Criminal background checks are required for all newly admitted students and successful completion of a criminal background check is required for admission to all the School of Health Professions Programs.


  1. Successful completion of a criminal background check for a School of Health Professions Program does not ensure eligibility for licensure or future employment.

  2. If they so desire, clinical agencies may establish more stringent standards to meet the regulatory requirements for their facilities.

  3. Clinical agencies may conduct additional background checks at their discretion.

Allocation of Cost

The cost of the criminal background check will be the responsibility of the student.