Many members of the Division of Radiation Oncology teach in various capacities.

Instructors for the Program in Medical Dosimetry include:

  • Certified medical dosimetrists
  • Board-certified radiation oncologists
  • Medical physicists
  • Radiobiologists
  • Resident physicians
  • Registered nurses

In addition, professionals from throughout the institution participate in the didactic program.


The Program in Medical Dosimetry is administered by:

Program Director

Mahsa Dehghanpour, Ed.D., M.S.,CMD
Phone: 713-792-3455
Fax: 713-745-3337

Medical Advisor

Ritsuko Komaki, M.D.

Education Coordinator

Jamie Baker, M.Ed., Ph.D., CMD

Roster of Faculty

A current roster of Medical Dosimetry faculty is published on the faculty web page.