MD Anderson's reputation attracts experts in all fields to the institution; therefore, the faculty members possess an unparalleled level of knowledge and technical expertise.

Within the Program in Clinical Laboratory Science, a certified clinical laboratory scientist coordinates each course as part of a curriculum that will prepare you for any environment -- from rural acute care center to highly specialized teaching institution.

Because faculty members know their students well, they are able to provide instruction and guidance that is based upon their understanding of your unique needs.


The Program in Clinical Laboratory Science is administered by:

Program Director

Brandy Greenhill, DrPH, MLS(ASCP)cm
Local phone: 713-792-0770
Long distance: 1-800-551-9503
Fax: 713-745-3337

Medical Advisor

Jeffery Tarrand, M.D.

Education Coordinator

Kimberly Murray, M.A.MLS(ASCP)cm SH

Sr. Health Professions Educator

Christopher Einspahr, B.S. MLS(ASCP)cm

Roster of Faculty

A current roster of Clinical Laboratory Science faculty is published on the faculty web page.