Student Support Services

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is initiated through the program director or education coordinator and administered by the dean.


MD Anderson's EAP

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at MD Anderson provides confidential assistance to all students of the SHP to resolve problems that affect their personal lives and performance on the job. The EAP offers professional assessment, guidance and referral services for personal counseling and legal issues in regular and emergency situations.

UT Counseling and WorkLife Services

SHP students also have access to the counseling component of the Employee Assistance Program at the UT Health Science Center (UTEAP). Limited services are also available for students' dependents.

Note: Academic counseling and advisement are separate services offered through the deans' offices of the School of Health Professions.

Financial Aid

Our program of scholarships, grants, loans and jobs assures qualified students the opportunity to study at MD Anderson regardless of financial circumstances. Students may also apply for Alternative Loans, which are designed by private lenders to help students and their parents bridge the gap between a student's financial aid award and the actual cost of education. For more information, visit the Student Financial Aid Website.


University Housing is provided at a reasonable price and is a well-maintained quality living environment.

ID Badges

Human Resources issues new and replacement badges. Available on the MD Anderson intranet only.

Ombudsman Services

For an informal and confidential resolution to conflict or complaints.

The ombudsman function is an informal, flexible and consistent mechanism for dealing with issues. It facilitates early and open communication and encourages negotiation as a method of settlement.


The Registrar's office follows commonly accepted practices in providing admission counseling, residency review, registration services, graduation check-out and transcript services.

Student Health Services

Non-emergency health care for students of SHP provided by UT Health Science Center

Academic and Visa Administration (Visa Office)

The Visa office provides the following services for non-U.S. citizens at MD Anderson:

  • Processing of non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications sponsored by the institution
  • Processing and signing of immigration visa applications
  • Coordination and administration of visa programs
  • Maintenance of visa records
  • Education related to visa processes and their requirements

    Academic and Visa Administration - VISA
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    7007 Bertner Ave, S Tower 17th Floor
    Houston, TX 77030-3907
    Main: 713-197-1112
    Fax: 713-792-6229
    After Hours: 713-606-5770

Note: The formal grievance policy and procedures for SHP students (both academic and non-academic) can be found in the School of Health Professions Student Catalog under Policies and Procedures, Grievance Procedure.