Review in Clinical Laboratory Science

An Internet-Based Course with Ongoing Enrollment

The goal of this program is to prepare participants for successful completion of the Medical Laboratory Scientist national certification exam. The course also offers an in-depth review for current laboratorians to enhance and update their knowledge.

The course structure is based upon the content outlines published by the ASCP Board of Certification.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key areas to study in order to prepare for a national certification exam.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve frequently encountered laboratory math problems.
  • Organize study time in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Increase your fund of knowledge by analyzing case histories and concurrent laboratory data to arrive at an accurate conclusion and appropriate course of action.

Course Details

Listed below are the key features of the review:

  • Faculty
    Highly qualified and experienced faculty have developed these Internet-based modules.
  • Scope
    An extensive — more than 500 pages — course of study provides an outline of each subject area, case studies, charts, diagrams, interactive tables and other helpful material so that you effectively organize your study time.
  • Preparation
    Practice questions and problems help you identify challenges in time to effect some changes.
  • Simulated Exams
    Three 100-question simulated computer certification exams provide you with test-taking practice in advance of the ASCP or NCA exam. Explanations to the answers are included for further review.
  • Strategies
    Test-taking tips focus on a variety of strategies you can use.

Unique Features

The Review in Medical Laboratory Science includes:

  • Mock Exams
    Via the Internet you will have an opportunity to practice taking simulated computer exams similar to the ASCP and NCA certification exams. You will also have explanations to the answers to help you with your review.
  • Test-Taking Strategies
    Learn how to improve your test-taking skills. Strategies include
    – Techniques to help you relax.
    – Tips to help you increase your concentration.
    – Methods to help you obtain the most from your study time.
  • Pre- and Post-Module Quizzes
    Each module contains a set of pre- and post test quizzes for you to chart your progress through each of the sections.
  • Interactive Tables
    Many of the modules contain interactive tables to help you in the study process. These tables may be completed and cleared multiple times for a variety of challenges to your knowledge of the subject.
  • Case Studies and Math Problems
    Most of the modules have case studies to help you analyze information as it may appear in the clinical setting. Each case study has complete answer explanations. In addition, you will have a set of math problems to practice with in both Hematology and Chemistry.

Registration and Purchase of Review in Medical Laboratory Science

Download and print the registration and order form (pdf) for the following items:

  1. Online course only: $250.00
  2. CD only: $175.00
  3. Both On Line and CD: $350.00

For further information, contact Brandy Greenhill at
713-563-3091 or via E-mail at

Getting Started

  1. As soon as you have paid and then been enrolled, you may take the online course at your own convenience.
  2. Use your Sakai user name and password to log in on the Sakai Web Page.
  3. Please note: Your enrollment in this online course will expire after 365 days.