Odyssey Program Outstanding Research Publication Awards

The Outstanding Research Publication awards have been created to recognize the achievements of postdoctoral fellows for work accomplished at MD Anderson Cancer Center. These annual awards are sponsored by the MD Anderson Cancer Center Odyssey Program and funded by the Ernst W. Bertner Memorial Fund and the Heath Memorial Fund. When a recipient is chosen, he or she will be acknowledged as the main author of an outstanding contribution to the scientific literature in the broadly-defined area of cancer research.

Award Description

The Outstanding Research Publication Awards include monetary prizes, certificates and invitations to give public presentations at an Odyssey Program-sponsored public seminar, where the awards will be officially presented to the winners.

2014 Award Winners

Outstanding Research Publication Award Supported by the Ernst W. Bertner Memorial Fund

Piergiorgio Pettazzoni, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Genomic Medicine. Mentor: Giulio Draetta, M.D., Ph.D.

"Oncogene ablation-resistant pancreatic cancer cells depend on mitochondrial function"

(From L) Giulio Draetta, M.D., Ph.D., Piergiorgio Pettazzoni, Ph.D., - winner of the 2014 Outstanding Research Publication Award supported by the Ernst W. Bertner Memorial Fund and Oliver Bogler, Ph.D., Senior VP, Academic Affairs

Outstanding Research Publication Award Supported by the Heath Memorial Fund

Jinsong Zhang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Experimental Radiation Oncology. Mentor: Li Ma, Ph.D.

"Deubiquitylation and stabilization of PTEN by USP13" 

(From L) Li Ma, PhD, Jinsong Zhang - winner 2014 Outstanding Publication Award supported by the Heath Memorial Fund and Oliver Bogler, Ph.D., Senior VP, Academic Affairs



The awardee must have been employed at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a postdoctoral fellow when the manuscript was submitted for publication. The awardee must be the first author on this paper and the work must have been done at MD Anderson. The paper must have been published within FY15 (September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015) or in press or officially accepted for publication by August 31, 2015.

Who can apply?

All MD Anderson Cancer Center postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply. You must be the first author on this article, and this includes authors contributing equally or co-first authors.

Application open and due dates

The application opens on September 1, 2015 and deadline is October 30, 2015 (end of business day).

What do I need to apply?

Applications must contain the following:

  1. A brief description (400 words or less) explaining the significance of the publication.
  2. A curriculum vitae or biosketch in NIH format - two pages maximum - including a complete list of publications.
  3. The research paper under consideration (published paper or in press manuscript).
  4. In case of an unpublished article, a copy of the official acceptance letter from the journal editor.

Download the biographical sketch form (pdf).
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How do I submit my application?

Download and complete the application form (pdf) and submit your manuscript and other requested documents to odyssey@mdanderson.org.

Criteria for Selection of Award Recipients

The Odyssey Program Advisory Committee will select the winner based on the following set of criteria:

  • Significance of the work described in the manuscript
  • Novelty of findings reported
  • Likelihood that the reported findings will advance the field
  • Impact factor of the scientific journal where the article is or will be published
Refer to the ISI Web of Knowledge Web site for information on impact factor.
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If several outstanding entries score similarly on these initial selection criteria, additional considerations for final winner selection will include:

  • The number and importance of other recent publications by the same author
  • The number of additional authors on the publication under consideration (listing fewer authors suggests a larger contribution by each author).
  • How well the publication is written

Contact Information

Questions regarding the MD Anderson Cancer Center Outstanding Research Publication Award competition should be addressed to: odyssey@mdanderson.org