Partnership Benefits

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Increased commitment to broaden faculty involvement in conducting research that addresses minority health disparities
  • Exposure to the minority perspective on issues related to disparities in cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality
  • Opportunity to develop research collaborations with minority investigators
  • Enhancement of culturally sensitive instruments for population research
  • Heightened sensitivity to the issues related to minority exposure to carcinogens, susceptibility, prevention, early detection, access to care, outcomes and behavior change
  • Improved access to minority populations for a range of comprehensive cancer center clinical and preventive research efforts
  • Access to the Puerto Rico Cancer Registry for unique studies in cancer epidemiology and molecular epidemiology 
  • Opportunity to work with faculty experienced in developing successful outreach and public education programs in a Hispanic population
  • Expanded access to trainees/faculty with diverse cultural/racial backgrounds
  • High probability of recruiting minority students and faculty to graduate and medical school programs
  • Joint faculty appointments at the University of Puerto Rico
  • Extended network of professional providers (including the Puerto Rico Community Clinical Oncology Program) and community organizations

The University of Puerto Rico 

  • Accelerated development of a comprehensive cancer research program that focuses on molecular/genetics and population science
  • Unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research in specified areas with scientists working at an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Broader exposure to a critical mass of basic scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists
  • The attractiveness of a partnership and its critical mass of scientific interactions for trainee and faculty recruitment
  • Access to a wide array of research and research-related resources, such as scientific databases, e-journals, microarray technology and bioinformatics
  • Opportunities for faculty/students to participate in mentored training and research with MD Anderson
  • Opportunities to build relationships that increase trust and respect between scientists of different cultural/racial backgrounds
  • Joint planning of workshops, seminars and focus group meetings
  • Access to senior leadership for guidance on planning the infrastructure and administration of the University of Puerto Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Assistance with patent and technology transfer training
  • Joint faculty appointments at MD Anderson

Other Added Benefits of the Partnership

  • Opportunities to learn from one another, work as a team and provide mentorship as needed
  • Blending of strengths from each side in a team approach
  • Unique experiences and innovative approaches of the investigators

Institution-Specific Benefits for MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Partnership has substantially increased the awareness of health disparities and the importance of cultural sensitivity and competence in working with individuals from other cultures among the leadership and faculty at MD Anderson. Two tangible institution-wide outcomes of this increased sensitivity and awareness include the creation of The Department of Health Disparities Research and the Minority and Women Clinical Trials Recruitment Program, both of which are headed up by Dr. David Wetter, Principal Investigator and Co-leader, Full Project C.