Applying for Funding

The U54 Partnership Offices solicit applications on an annual basis as funding becomes available through the Developmental Core. Announcements for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are sent electronically to all investigators at MD Anderson, as well as the University of Puerto Rico.

Applications must include a principal investigator at each participating institution, and each co-investigator must:

  • Have a full-time faculty appointment at the University of Puerto Rico or MD Anderson at the initiation of the award
  • Have a strong academic career interest in an area pertinent to the mission of the Partnership
  • Be able to devote professional time to research activities
  • Be a U. S. citizen or a lawfully admitted non-U. S. citizen eligible for NIH funding
  • If citizenship is non-U. S., proof of residency must be attached

For University of Puerto Rico investigators interested in finding a collaborator at MD Anderson, please see the Research Report.

Evaluation Criteria

Research conducted primarily at The University of Puerto Rico may be in any area of cancer research. Research conducted primarily at MD Anderson must specifically address areas of cancer disparities in minority populations.

To be considered for a project award, applications must:

  • Demonstrate scientific merit
  • Have the potential to become a competitive grant through traditional mechanisms
  • Be related to cancer research in the basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological or behavioral areas or improve the effectiveness of cancer-related training and career development
  • Utilize adequate methodology
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the Partnership

Project Award Descriptions

The total direct cost awards for one year per project are (up to):

  • $30,000 - Pipeline projects have little to no preliminary data, but have the potential to be developed into pilot or full projects. One year maximum funding
  • $100,000 - Pilot Projects are typically small-scale projects with a few aims based on some preliminary data. Three years maximum funding
  • $250,000 - Full projects have more extensive preliminary data, well-formed hypotheses and detailed aims. Three years maximum funding

Years 2 and 3 funding for pilot and full projects is dependent upon Internal Advisory Committee review and approval. Funds awarded for a project will be split between the University of Puerto Rico and MD Anderson in proportion to the work to be done at each institution (i.e., the award will not necessarily be split equally between the institutions). Funds may be used to support personnel's salary and fringe benefits, travel, necessary supplies and equipment.

To find out when the next U54 Partnership competition will occur, please e-mail the Administrative Core Contacts.

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