Professional Development Videos

Alternative Careers in Science

Tara Beers Gibson, Ph.D., discusses various alternative career options in science. She covers benefits, methods and advancement paths in a valuable video presentation.

Alternative Careers in Science (54:00)

Combined Programs

This MD Anderson Cancer Center promotional video focuses on laboratory and consulting based shared services and resources available to research investigators. (Not available online. For CD/DVD-ROM, contact Trainee and Alumni Affairs.)

Effective Presentation Skills

In this energetic, amusing and informative presentation, John Daly, Ph.D., Liddell Centenial professor of communication at The University of Texas at Austin, involves the audience and fields questions, addressing such issues as methods of preparation and delivery, using humor, overcoming stagefright and more. Sponsored by Faculty Development, October 27, 2003.

Knock Their Socks Off! Effective Presentation Skills (1:37:02)

Interview Skills

Randal S. Weber, M.D., professor and chair of head and neck surgery, discusses critical issues for physicians seeking positions in private or academic practice -- setting long term goals, finding opportunities right for you, asking the right questions, preparing for the interview, what to do after the interview. Sponsored by Faculty Development.

Interview Skills & Your Job Search (42:14)

Managing a Lab

The author of At the Helm: A Laboratory Navigator and At the Bench: A Laboratory Navigator, Kathy Barker, Ph.D., writer and lecturer on laboratory management, offers a sensible and encouraging discussion of such topics as finding mentors and studying role models, setting goals for tenure and promotion, building a lab 'culture', handling 'incoming and outgoing', seeing your lab as a business and more. A Faculty Development workshop, October 5, 2004.

Stop Putting Out Fires! Secrets of a Well-Managed Lab (1:28:15)

Mentoring in the Modern World

Kathy Barker, Ph.D., provides helpful advice on mentoring in both formal and informal situations. She covers strategies and tactics for improving communication in mentoring, taking into account cultural and personality differences.

Mentoring in the Modern World (51:35)

Moving in the Right Direction

This educational video covers approaches in adapting one’s professional skills at MD Anderson Cancer Center to address work-related challenges.

Moving in the Right Direction (7:42)

Professionalism for Trainees & Junior Faculty

Lemuel A. Moyé, III, M.D., Ph.D., professor of biometry, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health, sheds light on the paradigm of productivity in the 21st century and its relationship with ever-increasing computer power. Dr. Moyé also covers other valuable properties of one's professional work aside from sheer productivity. Includes a Q & A session.

Professionalism for Trainees & Junior Faculty (1:3:22)

Scientific Posters

Tracy Volz, Ph.D., instructor and assistant director, Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication, Rice University, discusses the increasing importance of poster sessions, how to design posters to quickly and effectively present the most important information about your work. She presents examples of real posters -- what to do and what not to do. Includes a Q & A session.

How to Prepare & Present a Scientific Poster (43:17)

The Biotech Industry

Jason Moore, Vice President, PLx Pharma, Inc., examines various corporate scientific opportunities available for transitioning academic researchers. Mr. Moore also provides a valuable perspective on processes and work dynamics in both large and small corporate environments.

The Biotech Industry (60:00)

Through the Lens of Diversity

Frances Kendall, Ph.D., defines racism in historical and current context. She provides examples of how damaging racism can be in the work place and beyond. More importantly, she focuses on educating people about changing racial perceptions.

Through the Lens of Diversity (1:04:29)

Your CV

Kathleen Sazama, M.D., J.D., delivers a thorough examination of the topic, discussing the differences between a curriculum vitae and a resumé, what to include and what not to include, how to make the career choices that enhance your CV and more.

Your CV: How it Hurts or Helps You (26:03)