Eligibility Criteria for Observers

In order to foster the exchange of ideas and establish collaborations between institutions, the following eligibility criteria have been instituted (effective September 1, 2008). Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for an observer appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

  • All observer applicants must be sent from their “home” institution. The home institution must be able to support the visit in writing outlining specifics of the visit as well as the expected outcomes and benefit of this experience to the home institution. Applicants who are not current employees/ trainees during the observer appointment will not be eligible for appointment at MD Anderson

  • Applicants must be specific when stating the purpose and goal of the visit to MD Anderson. Inquiries may be sent to the department of interest.

  • All requests to observe are reviewed by both the Observer Program office and host department. A decision will be made to accept or reject the request based on available resources and nature of request

  • The observer appointment is an unpaid position that lasts for 30 days or less; therefore, applicants must be financially self-sufficient during the period of their appointment. Transportation, housing, health insurance and living expenses are the responsibility of the observer and/or home institution

  • Applicants must be able to secure the appropriate visa for the observer appointment, if applicable

  • Observers are expected to speak and understand spoken English with minimal difficulty. Departments may require a telephone interview or a passing score from the TOEFL exam