New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

The residency program is designed to be a component of the new graduate nurse’s formal orientation at MD Anderson. The clinical, leadership and socialization aspects of the program complement one another and provide the opportunity for a well-balanced orientation to the role of registered nurse.

Program Objectives

New graduate nurses will initiate professional nursing practice careers in a supportive environment committed to mentoring, coaching and learning. They will build confidence through a structured, professional transition-into-practice experience that consists of clinical nursing orientation that  is customized to individual developmental needs. They also will develop leadership skills through the 12-month residency program that will positively impact the clinical practice environment and patient outcomes.

New graduate nurses will create and enhance professional networks and relationships with peers during the residency, while honing and developing clinical leadership skills in a world-class academic medical institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Experience

Graduate nurses will gain clinical experience through the clinical nursing orientation portion of the orientation.

  • Collaboration with clinical nursing instructors, clinical coaches and nurse managers to design an personalized pathway for clinical development of each new graduate nurse
  • Participation in MD Anderson’s clinical nursing orientation program
  • Participation in oncology-specialty orientation specific to assigned unit

Leadership and Socialization

Graduate nurses will gain clinical leadership and socialization skills through the Graduate Nurse Residency portion of orientation.

  • A scheduled 8 or 12-hour paid education day off the unit each month to participate in required classes and activities
  • An entire residency program length of 12 months
  • Socialization activities
  • Additional support and exposure to MD Anderson resources


Applicants must have graduated from an accredited school of professional nursing. They must obtain an RN license from the State of Texas prior to beginning employment. Phone screening will take place as applications are received.

Job Description

Clinical Nurse - Residency Program/participants will:

  • Be accountable for the management and provision of patient care in his or her assigned area
  • Assess patients’ needs for nursing care and other services
  • Collaborate with physicians, other services, patients and patients’ families to plan patient care and evaluate outcomes
  • Improve practice by integrating results and theories of research studies and actively participate in data collection for current studies
  • Demonstrate clinical competency and compassion in providing care, using technology, administering medications, performing procedures and managing emergencies
  • Ensure integration of safety and quality standards into practice and delivery of team care
  • Document patient care according to established standards
  • Access, input and retrieve information from computer systems
  • Assure continuity of care through appropriate discharge planning, patient education and coordination of services
  • Act as a patient and family advocate in order to uphold patient rights
  • Organize and prioritize the work of the patient care team
  • Train, coach and assist members of the patient care team to ensure optimum patient care and efficient use of resources
  • Effectively and consistently function in related roles as required, e.g., charge nurse, preceptor or protocol manager

For More Information

Contact Human Resources – Recruitment Office at 713-745-6200 for more details.

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