Frequently Asked Questions

How is the residency program different from the clinical orientation?
The residency program complements the clinical orientation and provides new-graduate nurses with developmental and social opportunities during their first year at MD Anderson.

Are all new-graduate nurses required to be part of the residency program?
Yes. The residency program is part of the formal orientation process for all new-graduate nurses hired by MD Anderson.

Is there more than one residency program at a time?
Yes. A spring residency group (approximately 25 participants) and a summer residency group (approximately 70 participants) meet on different days of the month.

How often does the residency program meet?
The residency classes meet once a month for eight hours.

Where are the residency program classes held?
The classes are within the hospital setting. Occasionally there may be an off-site activity.

How long is the residency program?
The residency program lasts 12 months.

If I transfer units during the residency program, do I have to quit the residency program?
No. As a new-graduate nurse, you will remain in the residency program even if you transfer to another unit or department during your first year.

What is the purpose of the one-on-one meetings?
The purpose of the meetings is to provide additional support during the first year as a nurse and to help determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.