Hospital Affiliations

All of the affiliated hospitals in the thoracic surgery fellowship program are located in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, and are within walking distance of each other.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson is one of the world's most respected centers devoted exclusively to cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. The MD Anderson campus covers approximately 18 acres with 13 facilities.

MD Anderson's ambitious cancer research program includes the fields of gene therapy, molecular therapy and new blood stem cell and bone marrow transplantation procedures. This comprehensive research focus allows researchers to bring new treatments from the laboratory to the bedside several years before other institutions.

Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute

The surgeons at Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute are world leaders in the treatment of heart and blood vessel problems. This includes heart valves, heart blood supply and blood circulation throughout the body. One specialty is reconstruction of aortic aneurysms. Their innovative techniques have resulted in critical advancements in the repair of ballooning blood vessels, preventing rupture and significantly improving outcomes. These surgeons are faculty members at The University of Texas Medical School, training the next generation of world-class surgeons.

Institutional Comparison 2014

 MD Anderson Cancer CenterMemorial Hermann Hospital
Chief of Thoracic SurgeryStephen G. Swisher, M.D.Hazim Safi, M.D.
Individual Responsible for General Thoracic SurgeryAra A. Vaporciyan, M.D.Tom Nguyen, M.D.
Patient Facilities Total number of:
Hospital beds6561082
Cardiothoracic surgical beds3249 licensed on 8th floor (operate 46)
Operating rooms306 in HVI
ORs dedicated to cardiothoracic surgery26 in HVI
Dedicated cardiothoracic ICU beds020
Laboratory Facilities (Y/N)  YesYes
Cardiac catheterization   YesYes
Cardiothoracic surgical research  YesYes