Neurosurgical Oncology Current Fellows

The Department of Neurosurgery offers fellowship positions in neurosurgical oncology starting July 1st of each year.

2014 - 2015


Vincent DiNapoli, M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Degree:
West Virginia University School of Medicine, 2001-2008
Doctorate: Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Anatomy, West Virginia School of Medicine, 2003-2006
Residency: Neurosurgery, University of Cincinnati, The Mayfield Clinic, 2008-2014
Fellowship: Neurosurgical Oncology Fellowship, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Clinical Interests: Skull Base Oncology
Research Interests: Cortical spreading depression as it relates to secondary neurologic injury

1. DiNapoli VA and Hinzman J, Hartings JA. Spreading depolarization leads to glutamate induced excitotoxicity and cell death. In submission Nature Medicine. 2014

2. Hartings JA, Wilson J, Hinzman J, Pollandt S, Dreier J, DiNapoli VA, Ficker D, Shutter L, Andaluz N. Spreading Depression in Continuous Electroencephalography of Brain Trauma. Annals of Neurology. Accepted 2014.

3. Hartings JA, Major S, DiNapoli VA, Revankar G, Hinzman J, Winkler M, Andaluz N, Dreier J. The last thing to go through your head: anoxic terminal spreading depolarization after cardiac arrest. Submitted Letter to Nature. 2014

4. Meyer D, Tan Z, Benkovic S, Tozzi A, DiFilippo M, Kansy JW, DiNapoli V, Castrol C, Huber J, Greengard P, Miller D, Calabresi P, Rosen CL, Bibb JA: Ischemic stroke injury is mediated by aberrant Cdk5. Journal of Neuroscience.2014 Jun 11;34(24):8259-67

5. Anazi A, DiNapopli VA, Pesak M, Theodosopoulos PV. Surgical Management of Small Vestibular Schwanomas. Does this remain a good option? Submitted JNS, 2014

6. Abruzzo TA, DiNapoli VA, Rahme R, Patel B, O’Brien K, Jimenez L, Shivashankar R, Leach J, Bissler J, Jones B. Intracranial arterial aneurysms in children and young adults. Journal of Pediatric Neuroradiology. 2013 2(3):203-235

7. DiNapoli VA, Bankovic SA, Sakuri J, Miller D, O’Callaghan JP, Rosen CL. Age exaggerates proinflammatory cytokine signaling and truncates STAT3 signaling following ischemic stroke in the rat. Neuroscience. 2010 Oct 13;170(2):633-44.

8. DiNapoli VA, Huber JD, Houser K, Li X, Rosen CL. Early disruptions of the blood brain barrier may contribute to exacerbated neuronal damage and prolonged functional recovery following stroke in aged rats. Neurobiol Aging. 2008 May;29(5):753-64.

9. DiNapoli VA, Rosen CL, Nagamine T, Crocco T. Selective MCA Occlusion: A Precise Embolic Stroke Model. J Neurosci Methods. 2006 Jun 30;154(1-2):233-8.

10. Rosen CL, DiNapoli VA, Nagamine T, Crocco T. Age Influences Stroke Outcome Following Transient Focal Ischemia. J Neurosurg. 2005 103:687-694.

Edjah Nduom, M.D.

Medical Degree:
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2006
Residency: Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine, 2006-2013
Fellowship: Neurosurgical Oncology, Surgical Neurology Branch of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2011-2012
Awards: Recipient of a NINDS Clinical Fellowship, recipient of a NIH R25 Research Development Grant, UPenn Joel Gordon Miller Award for graduating seniors and the UPenn Helen O. Dickens, M.D. Award for graduating seniors
Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive approaches to brain tumors, primary and metastatic brain tumor surgery in eloquent areas, pituitary tumors, and tumors of the spine and spinal cord
Research Interests: Drug delivery to the brain, nanoparticle-based therapeutics and the use of microRNAs as an immune-modulating therapy for brain tumors

1. Nduom EK, Sribnick EA, Ormond DR, Hadjipanayis CG. Neuroendoscopic Resection of Intraventricular Tumors and Cysts through a Working Channel with a Variable Aspiration Tissue Resector: A Feasibility and Safety Study. Minim Invasive Surg. 2013;2013:471805. doi: 10.1155/2013/471805. Epub 2013 Jun 13.

2. Nduom EK, Yang C, Merrill MJ, Zhuang Z, Lonser RR. Characterization of the blood-brain barrier of metastatic and primary malignant neoplasms. J Neurosurg. 2013 Aug;119(2):427-33. doi: 10.3171/2013.3.JNS122226. Epub 2013 Apr 26.

3. Butman JA, Nduom E, Kim HJ, Lonser RR. Imaging detection of endolymphatic sac tumor-associated hydrops.  J Neurosurg. 2013 Aug;119(2):406-11. doi: 10.3171/2013.2.JNS12608. Epub 2013 Mar 8

4. Nduom EK, Walbridge S, Lonser RR. Comparison of Pulsed and Continuous Convective Flow for Central Nervous System Infusion. J Neurosurg. 2012 Oct 12 J Neurosurg. 2012 Dec;117(6):1150-4. doi: 10.3171/2012.9.JNS12506. Epub 2012 Oct 12.

5. Platt S, Nduom E, Kent M, Freeman C, Machaidze R, Kaluzova M, Wang L, Mao H, Hadjipanayis CG. Canine model of convection-enhanced delivery of cetuximab-conjugated iron-oxide nanoparticles monitored with magnetic resonance imaging. Clin Neurosurg. 2012;59:107-13.

6. Nduom EK, Hadjipanayis CG, Van Meir EG. Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cells: Implications for Pathogenesis and Treatment. Cancer J. 2012 Jan;18(1):100-6.

7. Nduom EK, Bouras A, Kaluzova M, Hadjipanayis CG. Nanotechnology Applications for Glioblastoma Neurosurg Clin N Am. 2012 Jul;23(3):439-49.

Salvatore Zavarella, D.O.

Medical Degree: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of NYIT
Residency: North Shore - Long Island Jewish Health System
Fellowship: Neurosurgical Oncology Fellowship, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Awards: Who’s Who Among Students, Golden Key, AOA, HHMI Research Fellowship
Clinical Interests: iMRI and awake surgery, spinal oncology

1. Coniglio S, Zavarella S, Symons M. "Pak1 and Pak2 mediate tumor cell invasion through distinct signaling mechanisms." Mol Cell Biol. 2008 Jun;28(12):4162-72.

2. Zavarella S, Nakada M, Belverud S, Coniglio SJ, Mittler MA, Schneider SJ, Symons M. "Role of Rac1-regulated signaling in medulloblastoma invasion. Laboratory Investigation." J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2009 Aug;4(2):97-104.


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