The Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship faculty have a long track record of involvement in fellow’s education and training programs. All faculty members are board certified, possess the requisite advanced therapeutic endoscopic expertise and have educational and administrative experience. All faculty members participate in an environment of inquiry and scholarship.

Faculty Members

Jeffrey H. Lee, M.D.
Director, Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship

Marta Davila, M.D.
Associate Program Director

Manoop Bhutani, M.D.

Gottumukkala S. Raju, M.D.

William A. Ross, M.D.

Brian Weston, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Other Program Personnel

Program Coordinator

Carol S. Cox is the program coordinator and brings eleven years experience as a gastroenterology administrative assistant.

Mid-Level Support

Program mid-level support consists of seven outpatient physician assistants.