The curriculum will be comprised of following major elements:

  • Inpatient and outpatient consultation, with emphasis in pancreatico-biliary diseases
  • Hands-on advanced endoscopic training under the mentorship of expert endoscopic faculty trainers
  • Participation in weekly conferences

The fellow will attend weekly pathology conference and weekly esophageal, hepato-biliary and pancreatic multidisciplinary conferences.

Fellow Supervision

Fellow supervision is available 24/7. The faculty members are available on weekends and evenings, when on call, by phone or pager (24 hours a day).

Duty Hours

The fellow is expected to practice 50 hours in a standard work week plus some hours required on call.


The fellow is evaluated on a monthly basis by each faculty member. The faculty members and program director will meet and discuss the trainee’s performance and review the trainee's strengths and areas for improvement on a quarterly basis. During this meeting, the program director will fill out a final evaluation form with the combined/averaged data. The trainee may have a copy of the final evaluation.

The trainee will complete a detailed evaluation of the program and make suggestions for corrections or additions to the fellowship, every two months. The aim of this evaluation and subsequent meeting to discuss the evaluation is to understand the trainee’s perception of his or her progress and needs.