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SINF Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of applications per partner institution?

A. MD Anderson does not limit the number of applications per partner institution. However, each institution may limit the number submitted - please check with the contact person on the RFA PDF.

Q: You provide an MD Anderson SINF Application Form that requests a detailed budget. Is a similar budget required for the partner organizations?

A: MD Anderson does not require any forms beyond the ones we have provided here, for our investigators. If the partner institutions require their own forms, then these need to be completed by the Investigators at those institutions, and can be included in the submitted PDF.

Q. Is there are good way to demonstrate and verify the resources committed by a partner institution?

A. The best way is to list them in the table in Section 8(c) at the end of the SINF Application Form. MD Anderson cannot verify that these resources are committed. We consider that to be a matter between the Investigator at each Institution and their leadership. You can include letters from the leadership of the partner institution describing commitments, for example.

Q: Does the 7-page research section describe the entire collaborative research program or only what one institution will do?

A. It should describe the entire program, so that a single. identical research section will be reviewed by all participating institutions.

Q. Can the work be different at different institutions?

A. Yes. Ideally the work should be complementary and connected, but does not need to be (and probably shouldn't be) identical in different institutions. If there is no strong reason why the collaborating centers need to come together for the proposed work, this will be considered a weakness.

Q. How is the review accomplished?

A. This is described in detail in the program guidelines - please refer to this document, linked on the main SINF page.

Q. I am working on a project that requires IRB approval at multiple sites. Do I have to wait for this approval before I submit the project for SINF?

A. Before funds can be made available to MD Anderson investigators all necessary approvals must be obtained here at MD Anderson. Similarly, it may be necessary for other institutions to complete regulatory approval before funds can be provided or work started at those institutions. It is not necessary to have completed all these approvals before submitting the grant. Please indicate clearly the stage of approvals at the time you submit the proposal.

Q. If we submit a SINF grant with more than one partner institution, does that affect the size of the SINF grant?

A. No. Each SINF grant is limited to up to $100,000 over 1 or 2 years to the MD Anderson PI(s), regardless of how many partner institutions are involved.

Q. Can you have multiple PIs at MD Anderson?

A. Yes - just include them in the table at the to of the SINF Application Form. One PI has to sign the form for regulatory purposes.

Q. Is a Consortium Letter necessary for the SINF Application?

A. No, it is not required.

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