Sister Institution Referral Assistance Center (SIRAC)

Service for Sister Institution Physicians and Patients

The goal of the SIRAC is to provide support to the Sister Institutions and their physicians by assisting with referrals and the logistics of sending patients to MD Anderson for care. The SIRAC will initially focus on Sister Institutions in China, but the plan is to ultimately expand its services to all interested Sister Institutions.

How We Can Help
Chyi Chou, R.N., M.H.A. is project director of the SIRAC, serving as a liaison to referring physicians at our Sister Institutions worldwide.  She provides assistance with the following: 

• Communicating with the International Center, faculty & staff
• Follow-up assistance
• Clinical trials and protocols
• Training opportunities
myMDAnderson for physicians and Physician Relations

“My goal is to offer exemplary customer service for both the physician and the patient. Sometimes it is difficult to know who to talk to or how to maneuver through the system if you are not familiar with MD Anderson. I am here to bridge that gap and make seeking treatment as comfortable as possible for both the physician looking to keep track of his or her patient and the patient hoping to receive clear information and MD Anderson’s care.”

In addition to direct physician support, Chyi also assists our Sister Institutions with physician education opportunities and other physician-oriented partnerships, as they relate to patient referrals.

Chyi participates on several cancer prevention/clinical trial committees and is an officer of the Asian Cancer Council, promoting and increasing the awareness of cancer prevention in the Asian community. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Spanish.

SIRAC information available for download:


  • SIRAC Referral Assessment Form (English only) - To make a referral, please complete this form and email it to
  • SIRAC Referral Assessment Form (Chinese/English) - To make a referral, please complete this form and email it to 姐妹机构转诊援助中心(SIRAC)欢迎函 及 转介评估表格(中文/英文)-若要病人转介,请填写此表,并通过电子邮件发送它到
  • SIRAC Referral Assessment Form (Spanish/English) - To make a referral, please complete this form and email it to La Carta de bienvenida del  Centro de Asistencia del Encaminamiento de Instituciones Asociadas (SIRAC) y el formulario de evaluación de referencia - Para hacer una recomendación, por favor complete el formulario y por correo electrónico a


New Patient Orientation Class:

We, SIRAC team, created a medical vocabulary list to provide help to our Chinese patients when they need to communicate with the health care providers and staff at the hospital.  It has the searchable feature.

我们 SIRAC 团队,创建一个医学词汇列表,以帮助我们中国的患者,当他们需要一些帮助与医疗保健提供商和医院的工作人员进行交流。它具有可查找功能。

Medical Vocabularies (中英对照医疗用语) 

I. General Medical Terminology (一般医疗用语)

  • Please contact for the list

II. Specialty Index Cards (专业术语-)

Contact information:
Chyi Chou, RN, BSN, MHA
周 琦, Project Director, Global Academic Programs (GAP)
7007 Bertner Ave. Unit 1666
Houston, TX 77030-3907

Sister Institution Referral Assistance Center (SIRAC) 
SIRAC Direct Contact Number:  1-713-792-8866
Fax:  1-713-745-2158

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