GAP Conference Abstract Submission

GAP 2013 Conference - Call for Abstracts
Deadline:  February 1, 2013 

Please note:  As of February 25, we have not yet been notified about the status of any abstracts.  You will be notified via email.  Thank you for your patience.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the session chairs.  Please reference the GAP 2013 Program Sessions page to review the conference sessions and choose the appropriate topic/session to submit your abstract using the abstract submission link below.  If you wish to present a poster, you may also indicate this on the submission page.  When preparing your abstract and/or poster for GAP 2013, please note the abstract and poster guidelines listed.  The deadline for GAP 2013 abstract submissions is February 1, 2013

GAP reserves the right to omit conference sessions due to lack of interest or insufficient content.

Abstract submission is now closed.  For all session co-chairs - to request the link to submit your abstract for your session, please email the conference administrators at to request the link.  Thank you.

Abstract Guidelines
Please submit a short abstract no longer than 300 words of your proposed presentation in a specific session.  

Font, Margins, Layout
• Arial 10-point font
• 1-inch margins (top, bottom, left, right)
• Left-justify all text
• Single-space all text except as indicated below

• Abstract should consist of the following elements:  

1. Title, in boldface font - sentence case; 1 blank line
2. Author information (including institutions and countries), please underline the name of the presenting author; 1 blank line
3. Body of abstract in a single paragraph, limited to only 300 words.  

Size, file type
• Abstract body limited to 300 words
• Please save the abstract using the following naming convention:  Last name, First name.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith then the abstract file name is Smith, John.doc
• Important!  File must be submitted as a Word document (.doc).
• A sample abstract is provided for reference.  

Poster Guidelines
The GAP 2013 Conference posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, April 3-5 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
• Poster boards dimensions - 4 feet high by 8 feet wide
• Poster presenters may prepare either two 4 x 4 ft. posters or one 4 x 8 ft. poster

• Deadline for withdrawing abstracts is February 1, 2013.
• Requests to withdraw an abstract should be received via email to:, with the subject line – GAP2013 abstract withdrawal