Graduate Scholar Program - How to Apply


All Ph.D. students affiliated with MD Anderson graduate (GSBS) faculty are eligible for the CPRIT Graduate Scholar Award. Outstanding students in basic biological and biophysical research fields at MD Anderson are particularly encouraged to consider applying. Successful candidates will have a competitive research project and be directly supervised or co‐mentored by a CPRIT Graduate Scholar Faculty Member. 

Applications will be limited to one per laboratory (i.e., direct supervision from an MD Anderson graduate (GSBS) faculty member) for each funding announcement cycle. While all students affiliated with MD Anderson graduate (GSBS) faculty member laboratories are eligible, the faculty member must nominate only one per his/her laboratory per funding announcement. 

MD Anderson students who are directly supervised by CPRIT Graduate Scholar faculty members (list attached) have the option to choose a co‐mentor from the training grant faculty. All MD Anderson students have the opportunity to receive a CPRIT Graduate Scholar Award. In cases where the student’s Ph.D. supervisor is not listed on the CPRIT Graduate Scholar faculty, a co‐mentor option is available, by which the student selects a faculty mentor from the CPRIT Graduate Scholar Training faculty
to serve as a member of his/her advisory or supervisory committee.

Application Format and Materials

Required documents must be compiled into a single PDF in the order listed (under “Required documents”) and submitted via email to:
Page formatting
: 1-inch margins on all 4 sides
Font: Arial or Helvetica, 12pt.
Deadline: October 15, 2010
Late applications or applications that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.

Required Documents

CPRIT Graduate Scholar candidates and their faculty mentors must submit:

  1. A 2‐page research proposal written by the CPRIT Graduate Scholar candidate. This should include the significance of the project and its relevance to cancer, theoretical aspects guiding the study (e.g., hypothesis), goals of the project and expected outcomes.
  2. Academic progress at GSBS to date (courses, tutorials, grades). A GSBS report is required. Supplemental information (e.g., additional coursework) may be provided, if appropriate.
  3. A training plan written by the CPRIT Graduate Scholar faculty mentor, including plans for scientific oversight of the project, mentoring of the candidate and career development opportunities that will be encouraged/supported. An assurance must be included that only one application from the lab will be submitted (per award announcement cycle). Limit to 1 page.
  4. Statement of commitment by the CPRIT Graduate Scholar candidate and faculty mentor that addresses how the candidate will meet the recommended curriculum requirements, and expected participation of the candidate and mentor in the Annual CPRIT Symposium and monthly CPRIT Graduate Scholar journal clubs. Limit to 1 page.
  5. Statement from co‐mentor indicating willingness to serve as a co‐mentor and/or member of the CPRIT Graduate Scholar’s advisory or supervisory committee, if applicable. Separately, letters of recommendation from two additional faculty members must be submitted in support of the CPRIT Graduate Scholar application. Recommendation letters should be sent by e-mail, with the applicant’s name in the subject line, to:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application and letters of support are submitted by the deadline of October 15, 2010.

Review Process

CPRIT Graduate Scholar candidates will be reviewed by the CPRIT Graduate Scholar Steering Committee, which may include ad hoc members to avoid conflicts of interest.

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