Application Process

Prospective resident applicants letters of inquiry are received by the Program Administrator and routed to Program Coordinator. The applicant is provided with the link to the AAPM Common Application Program (CAP), a database for applications to upload all required materials. CAP is used by many physics residency programs but not all.

The fee for applications is $20 for one application, or $50 for up to five applications. Original transcripts will need to be sent in to AAPM, so please order them right away. You will also need to request your reference letters through the web application, so you should get those lined up right away as well.

The earliest deadline is December 15. Applications that are missing some information may or may not be accepted by the program (at their discretion). If you have questions about this, or this represent’s hardship for you, you should contact CAP to ask if what you have will be sufficient.

Application Process for Initial Review Consists of:

  1. Application
  2. Statement of Intent
  3. Official transcripts for all degrees conferred
  4. Copies of diplomas for highest degree conferred
  5. Current curriculum vitae
  6. Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the applicant’s scientific abilities and knowledge.

Applications will be reviewed and the successful applicant selected by the Program Steering Committee.

Once the applicant is identified for offer of admission and they accept the following documents are required:

  1. Personal and Criminal Background Check Form
  2. Institutional Immunization Form
  3. Proof of Selective Service Registration Form
  4. Copy of Temporary Texas Board of Licensure in Medical Physics Certificate within 60 days of entering the program

Selection Process

Applications are accepted for open positions 3 times a year. Start dates occur at the beginning of academic semesters. Our goal is to have all applicants being considered for an offer of admission to visit the institution and interview with representative faculty and staff prior to a final decision regarding an offer of admission.

Candidates are reviewed by the Program Steering Committee on the basis of their applications and classified as “qualified” or “unqualified”. Unqualified applicants are notified in writing as soon as possible. Qualified candidates with the highest rankings (e.g., top 1-3) are invited for an on-site interview. MD Anderson provides financial support of each candidate’s transportation, meals and lodging costs. During their visit, the candidate is expected to present a lecture open to the faculty and trainees on their graduate research topic, or on another topic in medical physics. The candidate also meets with residents currently in training.

Feedback is gathered from interviews by residency faculty, and the recommendation of whether to extend an offer is made by the Program Director with approval by the Program Steering Committee. Once the applicant has been identified for admission, a recommendation for educational appointment document is submitted to the Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs for institutional approval.

Qualified candidates who are not selected are notified of the decision of the Program Steering Committee as soon as possible. The candidate to be offered admission is notified at least 30 days prior to the start date. Because applicants are accepted into the program 3 times per year, qualified candidates who are not selected for admission during one application cycle can be considered for admission during a subsequent cycle with the candidate’s permission.

Admission Standards

The Program uses the following standards in evaluating applicants to the Diagnostic Imaging Physics Residency Program in Medical Physics. Preference is given to Type I candidates (M.S. or Ph.D. in medical physics from a CAMPEP accredited program.) However, Type II candidates (M.S. or Ph.D. degree in medical physics from a non-accredited program) are also encouraged to apply. Type III candidates (M.S. or Ph.D. from related field) will be recommended to enter a Certificate Program following AAPM 197S guidelines and reapply once they have earned their certificate.