Alumni Roster

Resident NameDate of CompletionMedical Physics SpecialtyCurrent Status
Guang Li, PhD07/28/2015Diagnostic PhysicsAssistant Professor
University of Maryland
Cristina Dodge, MS07/15/2014Diagnostic PhysicsTexas Children's Hospital
Leland Page, PhD05/13/2014Diagnostic PhysicsMedical & Radiation Physics, Inc.
Nathan Busse, MS09/05/2013Diagnostic PhysicsColorado Associates in Medical Physics (CAMP)
Shannon Fritz, PhD05/15/2013Diagnostic PhysicsSutter Health
Ching-Yi Hsieh, MS11/14/2012Diagnostic PhysicsResearch Associate
Wayne State University
Travis Greene, MS06/01/2012Diagnostic PhysicsMedical Physicist
Radiation Services, Inc.
Wendy Siman, MS01/31/2012Diagnostic Physics
Nuclear Medicine
PhD program at GSBS
Andreea Dohatcu, PhD09/01/2011Diagnostic PhysicsClinical Medical Physicist
Ohio Medical Physics Consulting, LLC
James Winslow, PhD08/30/2011Diagnostic PhysicsRadiation Physicist
Duke University Medical Center
Nicholas Shkumat, MS02/03/2010Diagnostic PhysicsMedical Physicist
Cleveland Clinic
Alexander Pasciak, PhD01/06/2010Diagnostic PhysicsAssistant Professor
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Philip Tchou, PhD08/19/2009Diagnostic PhysicsDiagnostic Medical Physicist
GTW Consultants & Associates, LLC
Rebecca Marsh, PhD05/27/2009Diagnostic PhysicsImaging Physicist
University of Colorado Health Science Center
Elena Tonkopi, MS09/04/2008Diagnostic PhysicsMedical Physicist
Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Center
S. Cheenu Kappadath, PhD10/04/2007Diagnostic Physics
Nuclear Medicine
Associate Professor
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Vadivel Devaraju, PhD10/31/2006Diagnostic PhysicsQA Physicist
University of Florida
Ruijie Liu, PhD09/30/2005Diagnostic & Therapy PhysicsInstructor
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ho-Ling Liu, PhD01/31/2005Diagnostic PhysicsProfessor
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ishtiaq Hussian Bercha, MS03/30/2003Diagnostic PhysicsMedical Physicist
The Children’s Hospital
John Rong, PhD03/29/2003Diagnostic PhysicsAssociate Professor
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Kerry Krugh, PhD03/29/2002Diagnostic PhysicsMedical Physicist
Toledo Hospital