Past Symposia

2013 Symposium
"Genomic Medicine"
Chair: Lynda Chin, Co-Chairs: Andy Futreal, Funda Meric-Bernstam

2012 Symposium
"Immunology and Inflammation in Cancer"
Co-Chairs: Raymond DuBois, Chen Dong, Patrick Hwu, Stephanie Watowich

2011 Symposium
"New Roles for the EGFR Family in Cancer"
Co-Chairs: Oliver Bogler, Mien-Chie Hung, Dihua Yu

2010 Symposium
"Personalized Cancer Therapy and Prevention"
Co-Chairs: Stanley Hamilton, Waun Ki Hong, Lajos Pusztai

2009 Symposium
"Cellular Energy, Metabolism and Cancer"
Co-Chairs: Michele Forman, Cheryl Walker, Dihua Yu

2008 ASCR (61st)
"Systems Biology of Cancer"
Co-Chairs: Gordon B. Mills, Michelle Barton, Lydia Kavraki

2007 ASCR (60th)
“Personalized Risk Assessment and Management”
Co-Chairs: Ellen R. Gritz, Bernard Levin, Gordon B. Mills,
Margaret R. Spitz

2006 ASCR (59th)
"Stem Cells in Cancer and Regenerative Medicine"
Co-Chairs: Richard Behringer, Richard Champlin

2005 ASCR (58th)
"Discovery, Validation and Interaction of Molecular Markers and
Molecular Imaging: Toward an Implementation into Clinical Practice"
Co-Chairs: Juri Gelovani, Gordon Mills

2004 ASCR (57th)
"SiqnaI Transduction"
Co-Chairs: Mien-Chie Hung, Gordon Mills

2003 ASCR (56th)

"Cancer Immunitv Challenges for the Next Decade"
Co-Chairs: Stephen Ulrich, Jeffrey Molldrem

2002 ASCR (55th)

"Maintenance of Genomic Integrity"
Co-chairs: Randy Legerski, Guillermina Lozano, Rodney Nairn

2001 ASCR (54th)

"Mechanisms for Cell Death and Differentiation"
Co-chairs: Sharon Roth, Richard Behringer

2000 ASCR (52nd)

"Cancer Research at the Millenium"
Co-Chairs: John Mendelsohn, Margaret Kripke

1998 ASCR (51st )

"Molecular Targets for Cancer Therapy and Prevention"
Co-Chairs: Gary Gallick and Jack Roth

1997 ASCR (50th)
"Molecular Determinants of Cancer Metastasis"
Co-Chairs: Isaiah Fidler, Raphael Pollock

1996 ASCR (49th)
"Regulatory Mechanisms in Growth and Differentiation"
Co-Chairs: Barry Shur, Ronald Palacios

1993 ASCR (46th)
"Mechanism for Cell Growth and Differentiation"
Co-Chairs: Eric Olson and Reuben Lotan

1992 ASCR (45th)

"Immunobiology of Cancer: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms"
Co-Chairs: Margaret Kripke, Phillip Frost, Chris D. Platsoucas

1990 ASCR (43rd)

"Growth Factors and Their Receptors in Cancer: Basic Mechanism Therapy"
Co-Chairs: Albert Deisseroth, Jordan Gutteman, Garth Nicholson

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