Faculty Educator of the Month: August 2008

Dr. Paul M. Silverman

Dr. Paul M. Silverman, director of academic development for the Division of Diagnostic Imaging, Gerald Dewey Dodd, Jr., Distinguished Chair in Diagnostic Imaging, chief of the Section of Body Imaging and professor in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, has been named the August 2008 Faculty Educator of the Month.
In his role as director of the Academic Development Program in the Division of Diagnostic Imaging, which he developed in coordination with division head Dr. Donald Podoloff, Dr. Silverman manages a multifaceted educational curriculum for faculty members and trainees in the division. The program includes the CORE lecture series, in which participants attend lectures and presentations by faculty and staff from throughout MD Anderson on topics such as preparation of manuscripts, abstracts and image files and clinical presentations from surgeons targeting the subject “What the Surgeon Needs to Know.”
The Academic Development Program also includes a teaching file resource, which is a collection of more than 5000 cases with significant imaging findings or other aspects of note that would be instructive to radiologists. Members of the division have used this resource to write many articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Also, it has become a valuable educational tool for trainees in particular.
Besides his direction of the Academic Development Program, Dr. Silverman has contributed to the instruction of trainees and faculty at MD Anderson and throughout the country by leading several courses in the field of diagnostic radiology. Specifically, he has been the director for six courses in the Annual Post Graduate Course in Diagnostic Imaging, a multiple-day program that he designed and implemented for radiologists in Texas in 2003 but grew into a nationwide program in 2005. At the present time, Dr. Silverman coordinates two annual National Post-Graduate Courses on Oncologic Imaging for MD Anderson, and in 2009, he will promote the institution’s first International Course in Oncologic Imaging. In addition, Dr. Silverman was the director for A Comprehensive Course in Oncologic Imaging: PET/CT, MDCT and MR for Radiologists, Oncologists and Surgeons in 2007 and the 25th Annual Society of Computed Body Tomography/Magnetic Resonance Course in 2002 during his tenure as president of that society. Furthermore, he was the course coordinator for Three-Dimensional (3-D) Imaging: A Practical Guide to Utilization in Staging Oncologic Disease at MD Anderson in 2001.
Dr. Silverman has been in demand as an invited speaker over the course of his career, as he has given more than 135 lectures at institutions around the world. Also, he has presented numerous scientific presentations at meetings throughout the country.
Dr. Silverman has been well recognized for his academic and research achievements over his career. Specifically, he was named to the Best Doctors in America list in 2001-2002 and received both the Gerald Dewey Dodd, Jr., Chair and Gerald Dewey Dodd, Jr., Distinguished Chair in Diagnostic Imaging in 2000. Additionally, he was elected to the International Cancer Imaging Society in 2001 and was elected as a lifetime member of Strathmore's Who's Who for Leadership and Achievement in Occupation, Industry or Profession in 2000.
Dr. Silverman received his M.D. degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1977. He went on to complete an internship in flexible medicine/surgery at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT; a residency in radiology at Stanford University Medical Center in Stanford, CA; and a fellowship in computed tomography and ultrasound at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.
In 1982, Dr. Silverman was named to the Duke University Medical Center faculty as an assistant professor in the Department of Radiology. He went to Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., in 1987 when he was named co-director of body computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and professor in the Department of Radiology; he was named sole director in 1992. Dr. Silverman came to MD Anderson in 2000 when he was appointed to his current positions.
Dr. Silverman has served on several institutional committees at MD Anderson, including his current duties as chairman of the New Technologies Assessment Committee in the Division of Radiology and as member of the Evidence-Based Cancer Care Review Committee and the Peer Review Quality Assurance Committee in the Division of Diagnostic Imaging. He has also served on a long list of national committees, including as chair or a member of several committees of the Society of Computed Body Tomography/Magnetic Resonance.
Currently, Dr. Silverman is a member of the editorial board for Medscape and for the journals Cancer Imaging, Applied Radiology and Decisions in Imaging Economics. Furthermore, he has authored more than 160 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, eight books, 23 book chapters and seven manuals and teaching aids. Dr. Silverman has also been the principal investigator for 21 grant-funded research projects and a collaborator for four others. He is presently involved in a major new initiative to develop video podcasts of educational material in oncologic imaging that can be distributed through the Internet to educate radiologists around the world on the best practices for performing and interpreting imaging studies for patients with cancer.