Faculty Educator of the Month: July 2014

Dr. Marina C. George

Dr. Marina C. George, Clerkship Director for the Texas A&M Health Science Center third- and fourth-year medical student Internal Medicine Core Rotation, Director of the Postgraduate Physician Assistant General Internal Medicine rotations, and Assistant Professor in the Department of General Internal Medicine, has been named the July 2014 Faculty Educator of the Month.

Dr. M. GeorgeSince 2011, Dr. George has directed the Postgraduate Physician Assistant Program rotation in General Internal Medicine, which provides hands-on multidisciplinary training and supervision to program participants. Trainees in this 1-month program take part in lectures, conferences, and Grand Rounds. In the clinical curriculum, they receive training in the clinical care of the hospitalized cancer patient. Furthermore they get hands-on experience in internal medicine core competencies to complement their learning experience. In addition to overseeing all of these activities, Dr. George lends her expertise to the program by mentoring trainees and leading monthly lectures. In 2014, Dr. George was recognized individually and along with her colleagues at the Physician Educator Appreciation Luncheon.

Furthermore, since 2011, Dr. George has been the Clerkship Director for third- and fourth-year students in inpatient Internal Medicine Core rotations at Texas A&M Health Science Center, where she was invited to apply as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine in 2013. Dr. George has carried out this role by leading internal medicine rotations and preparing student expectations, faculty lectures, and evaluations. Also, she has been a lecturer for several presentations on core internal medicine topics.

During her time at MD Anderson, Dr. George has been a faculty mentor for more than 30 third- or fourth-year students. She also mentored a student who gave a poster presentation at a meeting of the Texas chapter of the American College of Physicians that was later accepted for the national meeting. Furthermore, Dr. George has mentored up to 15 trainees in the Postgraduate Physician Assistant Program in Oncology and two medical students each at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Dr. George has given presentations at several local and national meetings. For example, she discussed oncological emergencies at the national meeting of the Society of Hospital Medicine in 2011. She also gave a presentation entitled Models of Care in Hospitalized Cancer Patients at the Second Conference on Medical Issues in Cancer Patients and Survivors and another entitled Understanding Hypertension and its Effect on the Heart, Kidney, and Other Organs at a meeting of the American Association of Professional Coders.

In 2011, Dr. George was recognized for her educational achievements as the Educator of the Year in the Department of General Internal Medicine. She also was a Selected Applicant for the Association of American Medical Colleges Early Career Women Faculty Development Seminar in 2012.

Dr. George successfully completed the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness course in 2012 and was mentored in the quality improvement project entitled Project Better Glycemia by the Society of Hospital Medicine. She has continued to mentor other program participant projects each year, lending her expertise in quality improvement to other areas of the institution. Dr. George also was awarded the Institutional Research Grant award in 2014 for her project entitled Development of a Decision Aid Prototype for End-Of-Life Conversations in Hospitalized Patients with Advanced Cancer.

Dr. George completed an internal medicine residency at St. Vincent's Medical Center (Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons) in Bridgeport, CT, in 2004. She then was named a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York in 2005 and worked as Lead Hospitalist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo from 2004 to 2008. Dr. George came to MD Anderson in 2008 when she joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Department of General Internal Medicine.

Dr. George is currently a member of the Medical Records Committee and the Admissions Review Committee. She was invited to be a member of the Quality Improvement Assessment Board at MD Anderson in 2013. Also, she is a reviewer for the Journal of Hospital Medicine During her career, Dr. George has written four articles published in peer-reviewed journals and four abstracts and given five poster presentations at national meetings.