Faculty Educator of the Month: January 2013

Alexander V. Prokhorov, M.D., Ph.D.

Alexander V. Prokhorov, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Tobacco Outreach Education Program (TOEP), Co-director of the eHealth Technology program in the Duncan Family Institute for Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment, and Professor in the Department of Behavioral Science, has been named the January 2013 Faculty Educator of the Month.
Alexander ProkhorovAs Director of the State Tobacco Settlement-funded TOEP since 2000, Dr. Prokhorov has been a key contributor to the fight against tobacco use through his educational efforts there. Specifically, he has been in charge of educating many health care providers about his innovative tobacco prevention and cessation methods via lectures and Internet-based courses. Furthermore, he has helped numerous providers throughout the state and country develop their ability to counsel those seeking to quit using tobacco.
Dr. Prokhorov’s tobacco education efforts extend beyond physicians to the general public. For example, he created the A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience (ASPIRE) website, which provides online learning for those wishing to quit smoking or to obtain information about the effects of smoking. In addition, he has developed and implemented programs that provide awareness about the risks of tobacco use to the general public as well as programs geared toward children and low-income adults.
Dr. Prokhorov has delivered lectures at MD Anderson and has been an in-demand speaker or presenter in numerous forums outside of the institution. Also, he has directly supervised three undergraduate and Allied Health students and four postdoctoral research fellows, has been a research mentor for five trainees, and has served on six advisory committees.
Over the past few years, Dr. Prokhorov has received several important awards for his work in smoking cessation. These include The Margaret and James A. Elkins, Jr. Faculty Achievement Award in Cancer Prevention (2012) and the Joseph Cullen Award for Excellence in Tobacco Research from the American Society of Preventive Oncology (2011). He also was a finalist for the Julie and Ben Rodgers Award for Excellence in Cancer Prevention in 2011. Dr. Prokhorov was honored for his work with trainees in 2009 with a nomination for the Robert M. Chamberlain Distinguished Mentor Award. Furthermore, he was a speaker at the President's Cancer Panel entitled Promoting Healthy Lifestyles to Reduce the Risk of Cancer in 2007.
Dr. Prokhorov received his M.D. degree from the 1st Moscow Medical Sechenov School in Moscow, Russia, in 1979 and his Ph.D. degree in cardiology and hygiene from the USSR Cardiology Research Center in Moscow in 1988. He went on to serve as a physician and researcher in Russia for more than a decade, during which time he received the Tobacco or Health Medal for and Certificate Research Studies on Smoking Epidemiology and Control Among Children and Adolescents from the World Health Organization.
In 1991, Dr. Prokhorov came to the United States, first serving as a Visiting Research Associate at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. He moved on to the University of California, San Diego as a Visiting Scientist and later to the University of Rhode Island as a postdoctoral fellow in the Cancer Prevention Research Center in 1992.
Two years later, Dr. Prokhorov came to MD Anderson when he was named Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Science. He was promoted to Associate Professor in addition to being named Director of the TOEP in 2000. Dr. Prokhorov was promoted to his current position of Professor in 2004.
Since 1999, Dr. Prokhorov has been the principal investigator, the program leader, a co-principal investigator, or a collaborator for 18 grant-funded research projects. Also, he has been a grant reviewer for numerous study sections.
Dr. Prokhorov has served as a member of the editorial advisory board for three journals: Tobacco Control: An International Journal, The Open Addiction Journal, and Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe. He also is a reviewer for a long list of journals and has reviewed two books and abstracts for three meetings. Furthermore, he is the editor of the Russian-language section of the international resource Treatobacco.net. Since 1984, Dr. Prokhorov has authored more than 100 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, 24 book chapters, 9 manuals and teaching aids, and 3 invited articles.

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