Quality Enhancement Plan

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP is a project aimed at improving critical thinking skills for students at MD Anderson's School of Health Professions.

The Quality Enhancement Plan plays a vital role in the school's ongoing accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In 2005, MD Anderson's initial SACS accreditation certified the quality of the programs, faculty and facilities of the School of Health Professions.

The QEP is an undergraduate curriculum integration model that includes faculty development programs and integrated student learning activities focused on critical thinking. The goal is for all School of Health Professions' graduates to be fully competent critical thinkers prepared with the content expertise and experience necessary for success in their chosen professions.

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QEP Outcomes

Twelve Critical Thinking Skills

  1. Separating factual information from inferences.
  2. Interpreting Numerical relationships in graphics
  3. Understanding the limitations of correlational data.
  4. Identifying inappropriate conclusions.
  5. Identifying and evaluating evidence for a theory.
  6. Identifying new information that might support or contradict a hypothesis.
  7. Explaining how new information can change a problem
  8. Separating relevant from irrelevant information.
  9. Integrating information to solve problems.
  10. Learning and applying new information.
  11. Using mathematical skills to solve real-world problems.
  12. Communicating ideas effectively.