Professional Development

Professional development can be defined in two ways:

1.) The advancement of skills or expertise to succeed in a particular profession, esp. through continued education. (

2.) The process of obtaining the skills, qualifications, and experience that allows you to make progress in your career. (Macmillan Dictionary)

These definitions demonstrate that professional development is a comprehensive, sustained, and intensive approach to improving the “gaps” identified in an individual’s professional DNA.  The CPD&E’s 4-Step Model for Professional Development establishes a framework for a self-directed, customized professional development plan for researchers and clinicians.

Professional Development offered by CPD&E is comprised of four key areas of support to trainees and students.  Those areas included:

  • Curriculum – Creating awareness through courses designed to fill in “gaps” of knowledge
  • Advising – Providing experience/informed guidance to the professional development and entrepreneurial processes.
  • Programs – Establishing skill development opportunities to hone professional and technical skills through internships and partnerships with organizations from across the biomedical landscape.
  • Resources – Offering practical tools and events to enhance the development process such as networking events and mentoring opportunities.

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