“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School




Each year new innovations in bioscience are brought to market by researchers and clinicians who have embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and entered the bio-entrepreneurship world.  Regardless of the idea, becoming an entrepreneur takes a specific mindset, set of skills and expertise to find the right path to success while negotiating the moves required to establishing a company. Starting a new venture requires expertise and guidance to provide the best chance for success for the new entrepreneur.

To support members of the MDACC and UT communities, CPD&E engages with emerging entrepreneurs looking to learn about and evaluate options for their idea, research, or technology.  This engagement consists of four key areas, including;

  • Curriculum – Creating awareness through courses designed to fill in “gaps” of knowledge about all facets of being an entrepreneur.
  • Advising – Providing experienced and informed evaluation, facilitation, and guidance through the entrepreneurial process.
  • Programs – Establishing entrepreneurial skill development opportunities through internal and external resources.
  • Resources – Facilitating opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs to gain exposure to organizations and companies that support early stage start-ups and bio-entrepreneurship.

For more information regarding Entrepreneurship, contact CPD&E at cpde@mdanderson.org.