Legends & Legacies

Legends and Legacies:
Personal Journeys of Women Physicians and Scientists at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Edited by Elizabeth L. Travis, Ph.D.

“Legends and Legacies” features the inspirational stories of 26 accomplished women physicians and women scientists on the faculty of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

The women profiled in these autobiographical essays represent diverse ages, background and cultures and various professional roles, from clinicians and physician scientists to basic scientists and veterinarians. “Legends and Legacies” is the cumulative story of women who overcame hardships, biases, and their own self-doubts to pursue their passion for research and helping others. These stories of passion, perseverance and success serve as an inspiration to young women considering a career in science or medicine as well as a road map for working women in terms of balancing work and family. All of the women physicians and women scientists in this book strive for a better quality of work life by balancing work and family.

As women scientists and women physicians enter the workforce in ever increasing numbers, leaders who are academic mentors and recognize the value of optimizing talent by improving the quality of work life will hopefully find this a valuable resource and discussion tool not only for young women in medicine and women in science but for all young professionals. All of the women in this book speak to the importance of at least one academic mentor in the realization of their dream

“Legends and Legacies,” a 231-page hardcover book is edited  by Elizabeth L. Travis, Ph.D., associate vice president for Women Faculty Programs, and features a foreword by former president John Mendelsohn, M.D., and an epilogue by former provost and executive vice president Raymond DuBois, M.D., Ph.D.

Legends and Legacies authors

“As a child growing up in a Hispanic family, I never dreamed I would be an academician, much less a scientist. My father was born in Marin, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and my mother, on a farm in El Porvenir. Neither of my parents had a high school education…”
Guillermina Lozano, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Genetics
Mattie Allen Fair Research Chair

“For the first time in the history of MD Anderson, two African-American women were promoted to the rank of full professor (in 2007). I was one of them... The promotion is a milestone for me... and a reward for my hard work and accomplishments in and outside of the hospital…”
Vickie R. Shannon, M.D.
Professor of Pulmonary Medicine


Legends and Legacies book cover

Legends and Legacies

Review by Kirkus Discoveries

“A collection of first-person essays written by standout female doctors and researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tex. The book features 26 essays written with varying literary skill, but all featuring fascinating personal histories. From those who struggled to enter the “boy’s club” of medicine to those who methodically planned their careers from childhood, these women have made astounding accomplishments not limited to their work in operating theaters or research labs.” more... (pdf)

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