Solid Tumor Study Program

Stem Cell Transplantation & Gene Therapy for Solid Tumors

The Solid Tumor Study Program is an innovative treatment approach for malignancies of the breast and kidney. We are combining high-dose chemotherapy and/or graft-vs-tumor effect with either hematopoietic stem cell (blood and bone marrow) transplantation or gene therapy for more successful treatment outcomes. We also have an interest in hypereosinophilic syndrome, a disease of the white blood cells that play a role in allergic reactions.

Study Program members provide individual consultation to help potential patients choose the best therapy, and are on hand during the entire treatment process. Our on-site laboratory allows for quick turnaround on test results. We can also put you in touch with other MD Anderson departments for help with financial issues and any other concerns. We hope this site will help you, your family, friends and physicians decide whether stem cell transplantation or other treatment standards may be an appropriate part of your treatment plan.

In keeping with MD Anderson's multidisciplinary approach, the Solid Tumor Study Program collaborates with faculty and staff in other departments to provide the best care available.

To discuss treatment options, call (713) 792-7351, or e-mail

You can also call the Referral Office at (713) 745-6977 or (713) 745-6953, and mention that you're interested in cell transplantation.