1. Comprehensive Management of Skull Base Tumors
    Editors: Ehab Y. Hanna, M.D., FACS and Franco DeMonte, M.D., FRCSC, FACS
  2. Tumors of the Brain and Spine
    Editors: Franco DeMonte, M.D., FRCSC, FACS, Mark R. Gilbert, M.D, Anita Mahajan, M.D., Ian E. McCutcheon, M.D. Foreword: Raymond Sawaya, M.D. and W.K. Alfred Yung, M.D.  
  3. Intracranial Metastases: Current Management Strategies
    Editor: Raymond Sawaya, M.D. 
  4. Cancer in the Nervous System
    Editor: Victor A. Levin, M.D.
  5. Al-Mefty’s Meningiomas
    Editors: Franco DeMonte, M.D., FRCSC, FACS, Michael W. McDermott, M.D., Ossama Al-Mefty, M.D. FACS
  6. NeuRecipes: The MD Anderson Cancer Center Guide to Anesthesia for Neurosurgical Cases  
    Editors: Una Srejic, M.D. and Franco DeMonte, M.D.