Nutrition Research Group

The Nutrition Research Group (NRG) is dedicated to developing a paradigm that fosters evidence-based research in nutrition and cancer prevention, etiology and survival.

The Importance of Nutrition in Cancer Research

Estimated Percentage of Cancer Cases Caused by Identifiable and/or Potentially Preventable Factors (Colditz, et al., Science and Translational Medicine, 2012)

When compounding the role of diet, physical activity, and weight management, it is estimated that more than 30% of cancers could be prevented. There is also growing evidence that these lifestyle factors significantly contribute to cancer survival. Thus, comprehensive and informed research efforts to address the cancer and chronic disease burden would be well-served to consider diet, either as a primary or secondary exposure of interest.

Who We Are and What We Do

NRG staff and contributing members span a wide range of expertise related to nutrition research, including epidemiology, gene-diet interactions, feeding studies, community-based interventions, clinical dietetics, physical activity, and survivorship.

NRG resources include self-reported and interviewer-administered assessment tools for the measurement of diet, as well as physical activity and anthropometrics in human populations.  In order to provide empirically based estimates of dietary intake, the NRG employs multi-faceted modes of data collection, including administration of Food Frequency Questionnaires and 24-hour recalls. The NRG concordantly maintains dietary databases for nutrient and food group estimation. Other in-house services include expert consultation, interviewer training, data management and analysis, and other customized requests.

The NRG also hosts a seminar series of invited speakers from the Texas Medical Center research and clinical community.

Contact Information

Nutrition Research Group
Department of Epidemiology, Unit 1340
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
P.O. Box 301439
Houston, Texas 77230

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1155 Pressler St., Unit 1340
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Contact Individual NRG Group Members

  • Carrie Daniel-MacDougall, Ph.D., M.P.H.
  • Gladys Browman
    Research Coordinator
  • Margie Stembridge
    Administrative Assistant