Nursing Extramural Programs

Nursing Education Outreach

The Nursing Education Outreach Program (NEO) demonstrates the MD Anderson Cancer Center institutional goal of 'mission-driven collaborations and outreach' in providing nursing continuing education opportunities to the nursing community locally and abroad through design, facilitation and evaluation of customized educational events and observational learning experiences. Among their most popular offerings, NEO hosts; the ONS Chemotherapy & Biotherapy providership course, the Radiation Oncology program, and, the quarterly Saturday Series.  In addition, NEO coordinates and hosts national and international short-term nursing observerships.


The e-Learning Development Team, composed of instructional designers, graphic artists, multimedia developers and content developers, designs and delivers technology-based educational programs. The programs are used as stand-alone learning modules or may be combined with classroom training as a blended learning approach. Methods of delivery include intranet/Internet, television, DVD and/or CD. Through the use of modern technology, the e-Learning team is able to provide flexible learning opportunities to a large number of nursing employees throughout the institution, as well as to our global learning partners.