Mission and Objectives


The overarching mission of the Hanns A. Pielenz Clinical Research Center for Myeloproliferative Neoplasia (HAP-CRC-MPN) is to develop a comprehensive approach to understanding the biology of myeloproliferative diseases, leading to the development of new and effective therapies through translational and clinical research.


The main objectives of the HAP-CRC-MPN are to identify and develop treatment strategies to effectively treat MPN, prolong patients’ lives and ultimately cure them of the disease. Our efforts are focused in three key areas:

  1. Clinical Research

    • Conduct clinical trials with novel agents developed specifically for patients with MPN. The center will provide the clinical infrastructure allowing for the conduct of prime clinical research in MPN.
  2. Tissue Bank/Laboratory Research

    • Establish a centralized tissue bank for collection of patient samples for translational research and a database for clinical and pathology information.
  3.  Education

    • Disseminate information about MPNs and educate patients, families, and healthcare providers about the latest treatment and research strategies.