Minimally Invasive New Technology in Oncologic Surgery

MINTOS Faculty

Minimally Invasive New Technology in Oncologic Surgery (MINTOS) seeks to identify, develop and integrate into practice effective new technologies that enhance the care of patients with cancer.  

MINTOS is comprised of multidisciplinary surgeons from the Division of Surgery at MD Anderson. The program was established in 2006 and is led by a multidisciplinary Board of Directors in collaboration with the Medical Director, Surena Matin, M.D.  

The major efforts of the MINTOS program focus on three broad areas:

Robotic Surgery and related Clinical Operations: MD Anderson uses the Da Vinci® robotic surgery system, which has four robotic arms. Although the robotic arms are doing the actual surgery, they still require direct input from the surgeon and cannot be merely programmed to operate without human intervention. Candidates for robotic-assisted surgery include patients undergoing prostatectomy, hysterectomy, thoracic procedures and some general surgeries.

Surgical Education: The MINTOS Annual Education and Laboratory Course integrates disciplines of oncologic surgery and develops a forum where participants will receive hands-on training in basic techniques and principles of laparoscopic and robotic surgery, as well as updates on new technology in minimally invasive surgery.

Research: Research is central to achieving our mission of eliminating cancer through surgical excellence and multidisciplinary collaboration that fosters discovery, innovation and optimal patient care. MINTOS is concurrently researching the utility of new surgical robotic techniques and mobile technologies at each point along the surgical spectrum of care.

Perioperative Telemedicine™: The focus of Perioperative Telemedicine™ is to advance the utilization of telemedicine throughout the continuum of the perioperative experience – before surgery (preoperative), during surgery (intraoperative) and after surgery (postoperative). The overall goal is extend our capacity to provide specialized surgical care to underserved areas of Texas.