Minority and Women Clinical Trials Recruitment Program

Mission statement

To increase the participation of minorities and women on cancer clinical trials at MD Anderson Cancer Center through targeted interventions that reduce or eliminate barriers to enrollment.

Who we are

The Minority and Women Clinical Trials Recruitment Program is a resource for researchers and the community.

Director – Lynne H. Nguyen, M.P.H. 

Community Outreach and Collaboration –

  • Cassandra Harris, M.S., MCHES
  • Linda Civallero, MPH, CHES

Informatics – Angela Chinweze

What we do

We partner with groups and organizations to develop cancer awareness, prevention and preparedness programs that reach diverse communities.

We promote awareness and understanding about cancer clinical trials.

We share our technical expertise in grant writing, cultural competency training, program planning and evaluation, and information about available resources to reduce barriers to clinical trial participation.

We enhance access to cancer clinical trials for minorities and women.