Squirrel Monkey Breeding and Research Resource

The SMBRR is an NIH-sponsored laboratory to study and provide information about squirrel monkey reproductive biology and behavior, and is a component of the Keeling Center’s Neotropical Primate Breeding and Research Resource (NPBRR).  It is the goal of the SMBRR to provide a national resource of squirrel monkeys and their tissues as well as to carry out research leading to a better understanding of squirrel monkey biology and research uses. This resource has evolved over the years into the largest breeding resource of squirrel monkeys in the United States available to investigators across the country and has led to the development of a research and management group with expertise on reproduction, diseases and basic biology of the squirrel monkey.

SMBRR Mission

The Squirrel Monkey Breeding and Research Resource meets the needs of the biomedical research community in three ways:

  • It provides a national resource for laboratory-born squirrel monkeys. The use of purpose bred animals of known origin reduces the number of animals needed and provides better research animals for investigators. The resource provides tissues and biological fluids to investigators throughout the country, thus reducing the need for living animals for these studies. Use either our web request page or download our biologics/animal request form to get information on the availability of animals and tissues.
  • It has an active research component that continues to add new information about the biology of the squirrel monkey with a particular emphasis on reproduction and colony management. The bibliography page provides references from a few of the pages published from our laboratory.
  • The resource is a source of expertise for squirrel monkey biology, management and husbandry that can be accessed by anyone anytime.