Laboratory Reference Value Registry

Registry of Reagents and Laboratory Values

As part of the the Keeling Center's national resource we have developed a registry of reagents and common laboratory reference values for both squirrel and owl monkeys. The values for chimpanzee and rhesus monkeys are being developed. If you have suggestions or comments please see Contact Information.

 Squirrel Monkey
Owl Monkey
Rhesus Macaque
Cell LinesCell LinesCell Lines  
Promoter / Enhancer-Reporter Gene ConstructsPromoter / Enhancer-Reporter Gene Constructs   
cDNA LibrariesGenomic LibraryGenomic Library  
Expression PlasmidsExpression PlasmidsExpression Plasmids  
Reference Laboratory ValuesCoagulation TestsCoagulation Tests 
Complement Activity
Reference Hematology Values
Reference Serum Chemistry Values
Husbandry Reference ValuesBody Weights