Mantle Cell Lymphoma Program of Excellence

The Mantle Cell Lymphoma Program of Excellence leverages the experience and expertise of the faculties in Lymphoma/Myeloma and Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy for improved patient care and innovative basic and translational research. We also include a wide network of basic and clinical investigators, pathologists, and statisticians within and outside of the Texas Medical Center.

The goals of the program are to identify novel biological and immunological targets in mantle cell lymphoma in the laboratory; develop and test therapeutic agents against these identified targets in MCL; and rapidly translate the identified novel agents from the laboratory to the clinic to be tested in clinical trials. To achieve these goals we will focus our energies on three main enterprises:

  • Clinical trials with new targeted agents, including immunotherapy
  • MCL tissue sub-bank under the Lymphoma Tissue Bank
  • Laboratory research

In addition to our institutional mandate, support for our basic, translational and clinical research efforts has come from a number of grateful patients.

Nurtured by their belief in our work, and building on a solid foundation of progress, the MCL Center of Excellence is destined for success in our goal of Making Cancer History.®

At the current time, the ibrutinib study is open to patients with relapsed mantle cell lymphoma. Ibrutinib is an oral agent (taken in pill-form) with minimal side effects observed so far in the clinical trial. Seventy percent of patients have responded to treatment so far, making this the best agent ever tested in the history of MCL.

We invite you to find out more about our Center, and how you or someone you love can become a patient or a participant in our clinical trials.