Integrative Oncology Clinical Trials

The Integrative Medicine Program’s research focus is on intervention programs to reduce the negative consequences of cancer diagnosis and treatment, 
and improve treatment outcomes and quality of life. 

Research topics include:

  • Studying the bio-behavioral effects of mind-body methods to manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment.
  • Investigating the potential benefits and harm associated with the use of natural products, including vitamin and herbs.
  • Exploring the effects of interventions such as acupuncture, meditation, music and massage on specific clinical symptoms in patients with cancer and common cancer treatment-related side effects.
  • Examining the benefits of comprehensive integrative oncology — physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and social support — on health outcomes.

List of studies currently enrolling within the Integrative Medicine Program:

Please note: This list is current as of January 2014, but may not include all complementary therapy trials being conducted at that time. This is because some investigators must do their own recruiting for specific types of patients. Refer to Understanding Clinical Trials for what you need to know before enrolling in a clinical trial.


Mind - Body

Natural Products

  • No recruiting trials at this moment



  • All trials closed to recruitment


Archive - clinical studies closed to recruitment


Last updated 1/20/2016