Duncan Family Institute for Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment

Our Research Goals

The Duncan Family Institute’s research is focused on interrelated goals:

  • Discover the roles biologic, genetic, environmental, behavioral and social factors play in cancer development
  • Investigate medical and  lifestyle interventions to stop cancer development or slow its  progression, mindful of their potential applications to later-stage cancers as well
  • Accelerate development and transfer of new tools and evidence-based interventions to the clinic and the community 

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What We Do

  • Research Programs

    Researching biologic, genetic, environmental, behavioral and social factors which impact carcinogenesis, develop interventions to reduce risk and translate findings to the clinic and community
  • Prevention Resources

    Creating and expanding support for investigators who are working to answer important questions in cancer prevention

  • Education

    Developing the next generation and building for the future while strengthening the intellectual environment

Institute Highlights