Faculty and Staff

The Clinical Cancer Genetics Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center is comprised of specially trained genetic counselors and physicians who work together to provide education, hereditary cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing, individualized cancer screening and prevention programs to people who are concerned about their personal and family history of cancer.

Medical Directors

  • Banu Arun, M.D. - Breast Medical Oncology
  • Karen Lu, M.D. - Gynecologic Oncology

Physicians and Faculty

Genetic Counselors

  • Molly Daniels, MS, CGC - Gynecologic Oncology Center
  • Nadine Rayes, MS, CGC - Gynecologic Oncology Center
  • Erica Bednar, MS, CGC - Moon Shots Project - Gynecologic Oncology Center
  • Maureen Mork, MS, CGC - GI Center
  • Sarah Bannon, MS, CGC - GI Center
  • Ashley Woodson, MS, CGC - Breast Center
  • Rachel Webster, MMSc, CGC - Breast Center
  • Monica Helm, MS, CGC - Breast Center
  • Kimberly Muse, MS - Moon Shots Project - Breast Center
  • Grace Tran, MS, CGC - Breast Center
  • Samuel Hyde, MMSc, CGC - Endocrine Center
  • Kayla Rosnau, MS - Sugarland RCC

Program Staff

  • Bhanu P. Pappu, PhD, MHA, Program Director
  • Ann Molinaro, BS, Program Manager
  • Linda T. Hill, Administrative Assistant
  • Nathaniel D. Hernandez, BS, Programmer Analyst II
  • Angela M. Walker, BA, Applications Systems Analyst
  • Madhumita Ghosh, PhD, Clinical Research Program Coordinator
  • Holly Oakley, BS, Research Data Coordinator
  • Trisha Emborgo, BA, Research Data Coordinator