Center for Radiation Oncology Research

Director: Sunil Krishnan, M.D.

The newly established Center for Radiation Oncology Research (CROR) is one of eight component centers of the Red and Charline McCombs Institute for the Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer.  Our mission is to contribute to the elimination of cancer by improving radiation therapy through advancing the science of radiation therapy, optimizing the integration of radiotherapy into multidisciplinary patient care, and educating trainees, professionals, and the public.

Advances in the precision of radiation planning and delivery technology, understanding of the molecular basis of cellular and tissue response to radiation, and use of biomarkers and biomedical imaging open unprecedented opportunities for research in radiation oncology. These advances have direct applicability to therapy with photons, electrons, protons, and sealed isotopes (brachytherapy). The CROR provides the framework for aligning radiation oncology research into several programmatic themes that are applicable to all radiation therapy modalities and to provide the centralized infrastructure to facilitate research efforts.

The research themes of the CROR are grouped into three main branches: radiation technology; biological studies; and human health services.