Center for Inflammation and Cancer

The Center for Inflammation and Cancer (CIC) was established in late 2008 and is one of several interdisciplinary research centers in the MD Anderson Institute for Basic Science. 

Inflammation has been closely linked with various cancers. The goal of the CIC is to provide an interactive platform across MD Anderson and the Texas Medical Center to study cross-regulation of inflammatory cell types and tumor microenvironments and the underlying molecular mechanisms using both animal models and patient samples.



Shao-Cong Sun, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Immunology


Xin Lin, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Oncology

Stephanie Watowich, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Immunology

Distinguished Lecture Series



David Artis, PhD

Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Jill Roberts Institute
Weill Cornell Medical College
413 East 69th Street
New York, NY

Host:  Shao-Cong Sun, PhD

09/03/20152-3  pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Stephen D. Miller, PhD

Judy Gugenheim Research Professor of 

Microbiology-Immunology and Dermatololgy
Director-Interdepartmental Immunobiology Center
Northwestern University Medical School.
6-713 Tarry Building
303 E Chicago

Chicago, IL


Host:  Shao-Cong Sun, PhD

10/29/20152-3 pm2SCR1 (3)

Steven F. Ziegler, PhD


Director, Immunology Program
Benaroya Research Institute

1201 9th Avenue

Seattle, WA

Host:  Shao-Cong Sun, PhD

11/05/20152-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Warren Strober, MD

Chief, Mucosal Immunity Section, LHD
Building 10-CRC, Room 5-3940


10 Center Drive

Bethesda, MD


Host:  Shao-Cong Sun, PhD

12/03/20152-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Hideki Ueno, MD


Investigator, Director, Immunomonitoring Core

Baylor Health Care System

3434 Live Oak

Dallas, TX


Host:  Roza Nurieva, PhD

01/07/20162-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Mercedes Rincon, PhD


University of Vermont

College of Medicine

Given D305

Burlington, VT

Host:  Seyed Javad Moghaddam, MD

02/02/20162-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Peter J Murray, PhD.

Member, St. Jude

Infectious Diseases

MS320, Room E78078

St. Jude Children’s Hospital

262 Danny Thomas Place

Memphis, TN


Host:  Stephanie Watowich, PhD

03/03/20162-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

David J. Tweardy, MD

Division Head, Internal Medicine

The University of Texas

MD Anderson Cancer Center

1515 Holcombe Blvd.

Unit 1436 (FCT12.5052)

Houston, TX


Host:  Stephanie Watowich, PhD

04/07/20162-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)

Emmanuelle Passeque, PhD


UCSF School of Medicine

35 Medical Center Way, RMB

San Francisco, CA 


Host:  Stephanie Watowich, PhD

05/05/20162-3 pm2SCR1 (1&2)