Center for Genetics and Genomics

Spectral KeratypingThe Center for Genetics and Genomics is an established Center focused on establishing critical mass and synergy in genetic and genomic approaches to studying cancer development at MD Anderson.

One of the mechanisms to accomplish this is to bring together faculty to present and discuss current research, exchange ideas, and establish collaborations. The Center provides pilot funds to support innovative research ideas with the potential to evolve into new grants. The Center also supports the Molecular Cytogenetics Facility and provides seed monies for sequencing projects. Additionally, the center annually supports several of the internationally renowned seminar speakers that present at the Blaffer Lecture Series.

The Center for Genetics and Genomics is one of six centers within the Institute for Basic Science at MD Anderson. Each center, including the Center for Genetics and Genomics, works on a research theme that encourages participation and interaction among basic, translational and clinical faculty members. An important task for this center is to identify MD Anderson faculty who have interests and wish to play an active role in establishing and maintaining center activities. All MD Anderson faculty are welcome to become members by simply sending a biosketch to Lisa Gower at

Pilot Project Awards


  • Menashe Bar Eli, Ph.D.
  • Carlos Caulin, Ph.D.
  • Sadhan Majumder, Ph.D.


  • Swathi Arur, Ph.D.
  • Michael Galko, Ph.D.
  • Jian Hu, Ph.D.
  • Xiongbin Lu, Ph.D.
  • Nick Navin, Ph.D.


  • Swathi Arur, Ph.D.
  • Vicki Huff, Ph.D.
  • David Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Louise Strong, M.D.
  • M. James You, Ph.D.


  • Ralf Krahe, Ph.D.
  • Bin Wang, Ph.D.


  • Richard Behringer, Ph.D.
  • Randy Legerski, Ph.D.
  • Bill Mattox, Ph.D.
  • Nicholas Navin, Ph.D. & Paul Scheet, Ph.D.
  • Sean Post, Ph.D.
  • Jill Schumacher , Ph.D.


  • Jill Schumacher, Ph.D.
  • Bin Wang, Ph.D.

Center for Genetics and Genomics Scholar Program

The Center for Genetics and Genomics Scholar Program was established to entice incoming postdoctoral fellows to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. This award provides salary and research support in the amount of $50,000 per year for a postdoctoral scholar. This is an international program designed to attract applicants who have demonstrated research of outstanding quality.

Applications are welcome from all qualified incoming students. The Center for Genetics and Genomics Scholar Program strongly encourages under-represented populations, including women, under-represented racial and ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities to apply for this award.


  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation

Candidates for a Center for Genetics and Genomics Scholar Award may only apply to a faculty member in the Center for Genetics and Genomics. Applicants must be incoming postdoctoral candidates. Application materials must be submitted in English.

Program Criteria:

  • May only be applying for a position with one P.I.
  • One year award period
  • Exceptional candidates are expected to compete for an extramural fellowship

For more information, contact Lisa Gower at

Scholar Awards


  • Ruli Gao, Ph.D. (Nicholas Navin, Ph.D. - Mentor)

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Monthly Meeting

Louise Strong, M.D.
Professor, Genetics
“Cancer Risk in Li Fraumeni Syndrome”

Wenyi Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Bioinformatics & Comp Biology
“Cancer-Specific Characterization of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome”

Thursday, June 23, 2016
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Meeting & Reception
14th floor conference room, BSRB S14.8336

Special Lectures

Hosted by the Center for Genetics and Genomics

Fall 2016 Schedule TBA

Directions: Onstead Auditorium is accessible from the Main MD Anderson Bldg, via the 3rd/4th floor Tan Zone skybridges and the front entrance to the BSRB at 6767 Bertner. For further information, please contact Elva Lopez at 713-834-6325 or by email at

 Distinguished Speaker History 

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